Partners & Affiliates


We've got lotS a-Brewin'

We're working on a couple rad projects. Plus we partner with outside event companies Lemon Lounge and Revelry for additional engagements in our companion art annex. You can take a gander into all that below.

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Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

By the same owners of Brew & Brew, Better Half is a coffee, cocktails, and all-day Southern cafe located in Clarksville. For more info, you can visit our website or read nice things about us here.

Lemon Lounge

Lemon Lounge is a listening venue producing events and music shows in an intimate, dynamic environment. Here is their website.

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Revelry is a creative event production company and venue based in Austin, Texas. Here is their website.



The Guild

Guests of The Guild's East 6th location at the Corazon receive a coupon for one beer or coffee, courtesy of the local boutique hotel experience. If you'd like to stay with them, you can learn more about that here.